Peter Roesler

The SEO Godfather, President of Small Business SEO, Digital Marketing Strategist, Entrepreneur and Author @TheSEOGodfather

Peter Roesler stands at the forefront of digital marketing for small businesses as the visionary and President of Small Business SEO since 2009. Peter as dedicated over 15 years to perfecting affordable, high-impact digital marketing solutions. His proficiency encompasses boosting Google SEO rankings, management of Google Ads, and successful Facebook Lead Generation, all designed to maximize ROI without the hefty price tag often seen in the industry.

Graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design/Multimedia from the University of North Florida, Peter’s educational journey was distinguished by high honors and active participation in the Artist Guild and Osprey Design Club. This blend of creative talent and multimedia skill has been a cornerstone of his marketing strategies, enabling a unique fusion of aesthetic appeal and practical, results-driven solutions.

Over his 23+ years in the digital marketing world, managing millions in annual ad spends and earning the title of Google Certified Expert, Peter has honed a broad skill set that encompasses branding, SEO, SGE, AI, social media, and Google Ads. His work is dedicated to not just elevating small businesses online but also ensuring their success is sustainable.

Beyond his digital marketing expertise, Peter is deeply passionate about personal growth, a theme central to his book “Change the World.” Unlike the conventional focus of marketing literature, Peter’s writing delves into the transformative power of personal development, offering readers insights into achieving personal and professional success. His commitment to growth and change extends through his engaging articles on and his interactions on X (@TheSEOGodfather), where he connects with a community eager for both digital marketing wisdom and personal betterment.

Amidst the ever-changing digital marketplace, Peter Roesler stands as a guide and mentor for small businesses, equipping them with the tools, knowledge, and strategies to thrive online. His mission is clear: to revolutionize small business marketing, one campaign at a time.

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Balls Out Marketing
by Peter Roesler

Change the World Book
by Peter Roesler

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