Product launches and new store openings are important events for a business. It’s essential to hit the ground running so the launch will be a success. Marketers can utilize social media to help get the word out to members of a target audience. Instagram is testing a new feature that could make product launches more successful by reminding customers on launch day.

The success of a product launch can be limited by the memory of fans and customers. Many people may see an advertisement for a product launch that interests them, but forget to make a note about the launch day. The longer the pre-launch marketing campaign, the more likely it becomes that potential shoppers will forget when the time comes. 

Instagram is testing a feature that will reduce the risk of customers forgetting launch days. Reminding customers about product launches will increase the revenue a company earns during the event. 

As the company explained in a post announcing the test, “With more of these shopping moments happening on Instagram, we wanted to make it easier for people to discover and follow upcoming product launches from brands and creators they love. The product launch sticker in Instagram Stories and product launch tag in feed lets people set reminders for the launch date, preview product details and buy as soon as a product is available without leaving Instagram.”

The tests are happening in a closed beta that includes high-profile brands like Adidas, Levi’s, H&M, and others. The reminder feature is in live testing now and more brands in the closed beta will start using the feature in the coming weeks. According to Instagram, more than 20 major retailers and brands will be involved in this stage of the testing. 

Companies involved in the beta test for the reminder feature have high expectations for what the update will do for their sales and revenue.

Scott Zalaznik, the SVP for Digital at Adidas, stated, “The progress Instagram has made with Checkout gives Adidas’ customers the power to go from inspiration to purchase in an instant. We see adoption improve month to month. With new features like product launch reminders, we expect to see engagement increase as we can create simple, immersive and user-obsessed experiences Adidas creators love.”

There’s no word on when this feature will become available to all companies that use Instagram. The fact that the company is using a closed beta suggests that it may be a while before we see a proper launch to this product launch reminder feature. 

A product launch reminder system is an excellent way to transform customer interest in an upcoming launch into an actual sale on launch day. Products that utilize this feature are better enabled to hit the ground running. 

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