Do you sell your products on social media or through an eCommerce store? If so, you need to look at how your products look. This impacts potential consumer’s buying decisions more than anything else.

Most people judge a book by its cover or the product reviews left for it. In fact, up to 88% of shoppers will characterize having detailed product content as being particularly important to their buying decisions.

The product photos you publish online can help to improve your sales. Unfortunately, they can also prevent sales from being made. If you are ready to take steps to improve your product photos, use the tips and information found here.

Use a Black or White Background

When it comes to eCommerce stores, you will notice that most products will have white or black backgrounds. There are several good reasons for this. For example, with these solid colors, you ensure your customers have a proper view of your product. They also help to prevent any misconceptions that may occur otherwise.

The quality of the photo you take of a product will impact your brand image and create that all-important first impression. This means it should highlight the best features of your product. Consider the product’s color to determine if a black or white background should be used.

Pro Tip: Take time to experiment with the proper lighting no matter what color the background is. When taking product images with a solid background, check the lighting carefully. If it is too light, the image could be too dark and blurry, and customers may not see the most important details.

Try to avoid using background colors that don’t look appealing or that are too distracting. Remember, the product should be the focus.

Take a Texture or Product Detail Shot

During the early part of 2019, a new trend began to appear in the realm of food and skincare brands. This included close-up product shots that showed off the colors, textures, and touch of a product. Brands are doing this because it is effective. It provides an honest and fun look at what customers will expect from the product before buying it.

Approximately 23% of all product returns are due to inaccurate descriptions of the product.

Capturing high-resolution photos will let customers zoom in and examine a product carefully. However, they don’t show the texture, what it looks like, or how it may feel.

Pro Tip: Taking detailed or texture product shots, make sure the images are eye-catching and realistic. You should not just show what is in the jar or the features. You need to display the item in a pleasing manner.

Taking the Best Photos of Your Products

If you want to ensure that your photos are the best possible and that they help you sell more products, use the tips and information above. You can also work with professionals who can help you with this process and ensure you get the desired quality eCommerce photos.