SEO is an extremely valuable investment. The higher the cost per click for the keywords you are target the more valuable SEO is to your business.

Average Cost Per Clicks for Keywords on Google Ads

  • plumber near me $9.30 – $57.69 cost per click
  • lawn care near me $4.45 – $25.64 cost per click
  • pressure washing near me $3.39 – $16.00 cost per click
  • roofing companies near me $12.66 – $64.57 cost per click
  • ac repair near me $18.59 – $75.65 cost per click

As you can see from these examples, 100 clicks would cost between $445 – $7,565 for a single keyword. That’s insane! That’s only for 100 clicks. SEO can help you rank for hundreds and hundreds of potential keywords. Imagine if you ranked for 1,000 keywords worth $10 a click that would be worth $10,000. Kick Ass SEO is only $299. It’s a no brainer. Investing in SEO offers significant ROI potential.