We typically can get sales or leads in month 2, although it’s possible to get some in month 1. The best ROI will be In 3-4 months. At this time your Google Ads campaign will be better optimized and we will have filtered out non-performing campaigns and focused on the ones that convert.

Month 1 – Mostly data collection and setup, it’s likely to get conversions, however, the best performance will come as we focus down and test effectively.
Month 2 – Improve quality score, lower cost per click, focus on campaigns that are performing better, get better conversions
Month 3 – Improve quality score, lower cost per click, tweak campaigns, move more budget into the best performing campaigns and pause campaigns that are underperforming.
Ongoing months – Is a repeat of month 3, we will continue to eliminate what’s not performing and move your budget into what is working the best, conversions will continue to grow and your cost per click will be lower the longer we run.