• Facebook Feed:
    Your ads appear in the desktop Feed when people access the Facebook website on their computers. Your ads appear in the mobile Feed when people use the Facebook app on mobile devices or access the Facebook website through a mobile browser.
  • Instagram Feed: Ads run in the mobile app and on desktop and mobile web.
  • Instagram profile feed: Your ads will appear within the feed view of public Instagram profiles of people 18 and up. Meta’s delivery system will place your ads in profiles where they’re likely to perform best.
  • Facebook Marketplace: Your ads appear in the Marketplace home page or when someone browses Marketplace in the Facebook app.
  • Facebook video feeds:  Your video ads appear between organic videos in video-only environments in Video and Facebook Feed.
  • Facebook right column: Your ads appear in the right column on Facebook. Right column ads only appear to people browsing Facebook on their computers.
  • Facebook Business Explore: Your ads appear in Facebook Business Explore when someone taps on a business post header or comments in mobile Facebook Feed.
  • Instagram Explore: Your ads appear in the browsing experience when someone clicks on a photo or video.
  • Instagram Explore home: Your ads appear as a tile in the Explore grid with other recommended content.
  • Messenger inbox: Your ads appear in the Home tab of Messenger.

Stories and Reels

  • Facebook Stories: Your ads appear in people’s Stories on Facebook.
  • Instagram Stories: Your ads appear in people’s Stories on Instagram. Ads run in the mobile app and on desktop and mobile web.
  • Messenger Stories: Your ads appear in people’s Stories on Messenger.
  • Instagram Reels: Your ads appear in the Reels tab on Instagram.
  • Facebook Reels: Your ads appear in the Reels tab on Facebook.

In-stream ads for videos and reels

  • Facebook in-stream videos: Your ads appear in video on demand and in a select group of approved partner live streams on Facebook.
  • Ads on Facebook Reels: Reach people with banner or video ads as they watch Reels.


  • Facebook search results: Your ads appear next to relevant Facebook and Marketplace search results.
  • Instagram search results: Your ads appear in the search results when people enter a keyword search term into the search bar in the Instagram app.


  • Messenger sponsored messages: Your ads appear as messages to people who have an existing conversation with you in Messenger.

Apps and sites

  • Audience Network native, banner and interstitial: Your ads appear on apps on Audience Network.
  • Audience Network rewarded videos: Your ads appear as videos people can watch in exchange for a reward in an app (such as in-app currency or items).