With billions of people placing ads using services from Google, it’s vital that advertisers do everything they can to give their PPC ads an advantage. It’s a competitive market for many industries, and small adjustments can have significant impacts on the quality and costs of a campaign. To help businesses get the most from their PPC campaign, Google Ads is improving its Optimization Score to include new metrics.

Google Ads provides an Optimization Score for advertisers that lets them know the strength of their campaign. The scores range from 0 to 100 percent. Google’s algorithm scans the ad campaign and checks for potential issues or places for improvement. Once you’re at 100 percent, Google Ads has no further recommendations for the campaign at the time.

You don’t have to accept the recommendations to achieve a perfect score. All you need to do is acknowledge the recommendation, either by performing the suggested action or dismissing the suggestion. The Optimization Score is a useful tool for marketers at every skill level.

A PPC ad campaign has many moving parts, which makes it helpful that Google provides automated assistance in identifying ways to improve the campaign. According to reports, Google is adding the new recommendations related to the scores campaigns can receive.

There will be a new option for Target ROAS and Target Impression Share Smart Bidding suggestions, which are designed to help advertisers bid more efficiently. The tips will also include bid adjustment recommendations. These suggestions can help advertisers find new potential customers. The system will make recommendations related to Affinity audiences, demographics, in-market audiences, and more. Expanding a campaign to include audiences you hadn’t considered, or fine-tuning a campaign to include new audiences can help stretch a  marketing budget.

Google has also introduced new features to help deal with upswings in traffic. The Optimization Score will make suggestions for seasonal budget changes. These seasonal budget recommendations will suggest raising budgets for future traffic increases to avoid missing out on potential customers. These adjustments are perfect for situations where a one-time event will raise the competition for customers because more money is on the table. Increasing the budget in line with traffic increase ensures you take advantage of the influx of customers.

Fine-tuning a budget for a Google Ad campaign can be tricky. There are many different options for bidding style, and your bids will need to be optimized for each campaign. These new additions to the Optimization Score will make it easier to monitor and manage ad campaigns.

These new additions are also a reminder that it’s useful to review your Optimization Score regularly. Some of the recommendations are based on the latest trends data from Google Ads. So you will need to keep making updates to maintain a perfect 100 percent score.

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