Having a smart negative keyword strategy can help reduce costs, increase click-through rates, and improve the association between your ads and the keywords you pursue. A feature of Bing Ads and Google AdWords is negative keywords. Today, these are considered an essential part of any PPC campaign. However, you must be strategic in how you use them. There are a few types of words that you can and should use as negative keywords before you start a campaign. 

If you aren’t familiar with negative keywords or don’t know how to find the right ones or what role they play in Google Ads, you’re in the right place. Keep reading for some helpful tips to find the right negative keywords to use for your Google Ads. 

For Job Seekers 

People from all corners of the globe are turning to the internet to hunt for a job. If you offer a service or product, there’s a good chance people are searching for employment in these vertices. Unless you are specifically searching for new applicants, it is a good idea to block these queries from triggering the ads you create. 


Some search engine users search for instructions about how to make, construct, or approximate the services or products you offer. Based on your business goals and the information included on your website, it may be a good idea to avoid these DIYers before they increase your per click basis. 


Unless you offer discount products or have an important advantage related to your market pricing, you may want to exclude “cheap” and similar keywords from your strategy. This will limit searchers from people who are only searching for an amazing deal. You may also want to think about adding these keywords to your ad groups or campaigns after your regular priced items to ensure that the “cheap keywords” are only triggering your “cheap ads.”


Some searchers like to include the keyword “reference” to conduct informational searches about something you offer. These could be top-of-funnel searches, or they could be people researching a huge array of reasons. No matter the type of search query, they don’t typically convert very well. 

Price Shopping

While keywords related to this topic may be conducted by individuals with a high level of buying intent, there is a good chance the users are just browsing and not looking to convert right now. Something else you need to consider is that if you don’t include pricing information on your website, someone who is searching for this information will likely have a bad experience. 

Get Help with Your PPC Ad Creation 

There’s no question that pay-per-click or PPC ads have a lot of potentials to help you acquire more conversions and interest in what you offer. While this is true, you have to create the right content, including negative keywords to get the desired results. If necessary, reach out to the professionals who can provide help with PPC ad creation and ensure the right negative keywords are used.