Modern business owners understand how important having an online presence is. A crucial part of building this online presence is being active on popular social media platforms like Facebook. A recent study found that over 53% of Americans claim to use Facebook several times a day. Creating a business page for your business on Facebook is a great way to provide consumers with vital information about the products/services you have. 

There are millions of businesses active on social media, which means you have to work hard to edge out the competition. Creating a competitive edge starts with an information-filled and appealing Facebook business page. The following are some things your Facebook business page must-have for success.

1. Daily Facebook Posts Attract Attention

Maximizing the lead generation power your Facebook business page has will require daily posts. These posts will need to include information about your company and the industry you operate in. Using a mix of Facebook posts is a great way to keep consumers interested in the message you are providing. If you have new blog content on your website, using a Facebook post with a link to this content can help drive traffic to your domain. 

If you don’t have the time needed to create and publish posts on your Facebook business page regularly, hiring professionals to handle this important task is essential. With their help, you can keep your brand fresh in the minds of your Facebook followers. 

2. A Detailed About Section

The first opportunity you have to connect with Facebook users is with your about section on your business page. Some business owners make the mistake of including limited information about their company in this important section. If your about section looks sparse, it could lead to consumers being suspicious of the claims you are making. This is why you need to focus on being as detailed as possible. 

This section needs to include a breakdown of how your company was founded and what products/services you offer. Including information about where your physical location is and what your hours of operation are is a good idea. The more you can tell consumers about your business, the easier it will be to get them to follow your page and use your products/services. 

3. Use Pinned Posts to Your Advantage

Finding ways to bring great content back to life on your Facebook business page is easy when using the pinned posts feature. When using this feature, you can make a particular post the first things visitors to your business page see. These pinned posts ideally need to be about particular sales you are running or a breakdown of the product/services your business offers. Taking control of the order of your Facebook posts can help you generate more leads in no time. 

Start Generating Leads With Facebook!

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