3 Things You Need to Stop Doing With Digital ContentA recent study found that over 75% of American business owners believe that online marketing is an effective way of attracting new customers. The biggest misconception most entrepreneurs have about online marketing is that they can handle the creation and implementation of advertising campaigns on their own. Unless you have previous experience with online marketing, you will struggle to pull this off.

By hiring an experienced marketing professional, you can create an online presence for your brand. These campaigns will involve the creation of digital content like blogs and videos. The following are some of the most common content mistakes business owners make and why you need to avoid them.

1. Unoptimized Content is a Horrible Investment

Creating digital content for mass consumption is not easy. The main thing business owners get wrong about content creation is that it can be done with no real goal in mind. In reality, you need to know who you want to reach before creating new content. Knowing who your audience is allows you to fully optimize the content you create.

If you put out content without optimized keywords in it, getting organic traffic to your website will be difficult. You also need to develop a linking strategy to use in your content to increase the attention it garners from search engines like Google. An experienced marketing professional should have no problem helping you with this content optimization process.

2. Don’t Rely Solely on One Type of Content

Some business owners achieve early success with one type of digital content and refuse to pursue any other avenues. Ignoring the need for a varied array of digital content can lead to you missing out on tons of sales leads. Modern consumers like engaging with brands that provide them with videos, blogs and even paid search ads.

By widening your digital content net and producing different digital tools to engage with your audience, you can increase your bottom line over time. A digital marketing expert can help you figure out what type of content is the best fit for your target demographic.

3. Failing to Optimize Your Content For Mobile Users

Mobile users make up nearly half of all Internet traffic. When people on mobile devices visit your website, you want them to be able to view and interact with content. If your website or the content you have on it is not optimized for mobile users, it may drive away some of the traffic you receive. Rather than making this mistake, you need to work with a web designer to make your domain mobile-friendly. The money and time you invest in optimizing your web design will pay off considering the increase in mobile sales leads it will generate.

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